Conquering Backgammon The Path to Advanced Play

Conquering Backgammon The Path to Advanced Play
 『Conquering Backgammon』は2章構成になっています。第1章は初心者向けの内容になっていて、基本ルール、基本戦術などを紹介しています。
 第2章では、あなたのバックギャモンスキ ルを中級以上のレベルまで引き上げるテクニックを体系的に紹介しています。ゲームプラン、タイミング、デュプリケーション、ディストラクション、バックゲーム、エクイティ、マーケットルーザー ズ、フリードロップ、そして、知られざるダブリングのテクニックを学ぶことができます。


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Volume 1: Refining the Basics
1. Introduction
Why backgammon
About this book

2. Basic Rules
Setting up the board
Beginning your turn
Checker movement
Making a point
Blots, hits, and the bar
Bearing off
Ending your turn
Gammons and backgammons

3. Probability
Computing probabilities
Probability table
Direct versus combination shots
Blocked combination shorts
Multiple checker shots
Shot counting exercises
Entering from the bar

4. Basic Strategy
Criitical Points
Creating builders
Point making
Eligible and ineligible builders
Creating anchors
Anchor or cover
Anchor or hit
Barpoint anchor
Anchors as a defense
Multiple anchors
Abondoning anchors
Building primes
Escaping primes

5. Opening Moves

6. Doubling basics
When to double
When to take/drop
Doubling in a race

7. Counting
Basic counting
Crossover counting
Cluster counting
Cluster counting problems
Cluster counting answers
Mental shifting
Mental shifting problems
Mental shifting answers

8. First Game
Opening roll
Reply to the opening move
Make a decision
Establish an anchor
Build a four point prime
Take half a roll away
Create and eligible builder
Run to the midpoint
Build a board
Clear a stack
Make a run for it
Commit to the race
Race to the finish

9. End Game
Trice triangle
Bearing in
Unimpeded bear in
Impeded bear in
The last desperate roll
Avoiding gammons

Volume 2: The Path to Advanced Play

10. Equity

11. Game Plans
Basic priming
Prime vs. prime
Basic ambush
Backgames (evolved ambush)
Exercise — choosing the right game plan
Game plan exercise
Game plan answers

12. Strategic Concepts
Board strength

13. Playing Tactics
Play now or pay later
Double hit
Close out
Switching points
Saving numbers

14. Doubling tactics
Woolsey's law
Simborg's law
Market losers
Racing doubles — Keith count
Racing doubles — Reichert count
Reichert quick computational formula
Priming doubles (prime vs. prime)
Early doubles
Too good to double
Reference positions — doubling

15. Match play
Automatic doubles (post crawford strategy)
Free drops
Gammon go, gammon save, and DMP
Introduction to match equities
Rockwell-Kazaross match equity table
Neil's numbers
Turner match equity formula
Match equity problems
Introduction to take points
Take point formula
Take point computational formula
Take point table: 2 away to 7 away

16. Challenging Positions
Second man up
A choice of three sixes
Pressure from a four cube chouette double
Is it a take with 13 men off
Blot inside or blot outside
Tough choice for a four
Can red escape in time
Goldilocks and the three moves
An abundance of fives

17. Appendix
Replies to opponent's opening moves

18. Bibliography

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